Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Meet the Teacher and "rocks"

Our first "Meet the Teacher" night was a success.

It was completely nostalgic for me.
All the memories came back in a flash - going to school "after hours",
walking to the class room,
and seeing your teacher (and the slight awkwardness of 2 different authority figures in your the same room).
I totally remember those days.

The report on Mr. O was great.
He's a very contentious and meticulous - (he gets that from his mother..tee-he wink).
He has the attention span to school work like his father (...moves through it quickly - or 'tires' easily...tee-he ..wink).
It's hilarious to see these qualities reveal themselves at such a young age.

Missy Z. quite enjoyed the classroom as well. Making friends where ever she goes - definitely not an overly shy child when faced with other kids - especially those with stuffed animals. She was chasing a boy (who's a student in the class) around the room because she wanted to go "awe" (which includes a snuggle and kisses) to the stuffed puppie. He was a bit freaked out - but eventually allowed her to touch the toy. She had a ball - and made her self at home in the class.

I think the last hilarious moment today was when Mr. O told me that his teacher had a house.
Can you remember those days when the realization that your teacher actually left the school - was an actual event?!
They actually had a home - and didn't live at the school...
....I'm pretty sure I was way past JK when that concept actually materialized in my mind.

Lastly I wanted to share a small project that was created for Missy Z. She loves sparkly things. Right out of the womb the girl gravitated to credit cards and diamonds. I'm pretty sure it's apart of her genetic blueprint. I can truthfully say - nothing was directed to her to 'like' these things, she found them all on her own.

Missy Z's grandma found a sewing notion that was a strip of 'faux diamonds'. Z. went nuts for it - giggled and smiled every time she saw it. So, with further ado - here is Z's first tennis bracelet:

small piece of elastic hand stitched to diamond strip

no worries - it's not tight - those are just adorable wrist rolls

...But don't be fooled by the rocks that she's got - she's still Zoomer from the block.

Eat your heart out J-Lo.

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