Saturday, 6 October 2012

The Return of Mr. Mom

Thanks Giving Weekend is here -

That means my Mat leave/Parental leave is officially over....
Missy Z. is turning 1
.....and Mr. Mom returns!

I'm extremely fortunate to have had a year off, and am even more fortunate to have a husband with flexible work hours that child care isn't an issue.

Not only that, he is the best person to step into the "Mom" role.

He's the best Mr. Mom I know.

As Mr. Mom settles in - I too have to adjust my new 'hat'. Organizing meals and cleaning schedules around a full time work schedule has me be a bit worried. I feel I've just found my routine - and now have to completely change it - sigh.

The thought of  the "back to work routine" is a bit daunting - I have to remember that I have done it before - and all the encouragement from friends (who have little ones) who returned to work sooner than me makes me feel better. Thank-you to all of you!

The return to work date also co-incides with Mr. O taking the bus to and from school. We started him to school last week, but next week will be from school as well. The only reason he didn't do it right from the beginning was that we had the luxury of taking him - and I wanted to drive him.

Boy was he exited for the bus though!!

He was a bit shy - but the driver was so great. She had him sit right at the front the first ride - and the rest is history.

He got home from school and the first thing he said was - "Mom, when I ride the bus I DIDN'T have to wear a seat belt... or sit in a car seat!"

This was followed by - "...does the police man say I have to wear a seat belt and sit in a car seat on the bus?"

(my answers to many questions about safety is "... the policeman says you have to" or "...the policeman says you can't do that".)

So I said "no, just in the car".

Then I hear "..... I like the bus".

A boy who already knows when the rules can be bent - Oh dear.

I will definitely update about the Birthday Celebrations - but for now here is a recipe that I wanted to share that the whole family likes.

Roasted Kale (can you believe it!)

...actually - we like to call it  Kale Chips.

They're very yummy and if baked well - can be very crispy and salty - like chips.

KRU Kale Chips

1 bunch of Kale - cut out the main stem of each leaf as this is too firm to eat.

1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil

Sea salt - to taste (I probably use 1 tsp...sometimes more)

Fresh ground pepper - to taste (I probably use 1 tsp... sometimes more)


Pre-heat oven to 425 

Wash/Rinse and dry the leaves once all the stems are removed

*feel free to rip the larger leaves smaller if you like

Arrange on a baking sheet (the leaves will be piled up)

Drizzle EVOO, sprinkle salt/pepper over top of the leaves.

Toss with your hands to coat all the leaves.

Bake for 13-15 minutes.

**While in the oven make sure to flip/toss with a flipper occasionally to reduce the chances of 'soggy' spots. The Kale will shrink so this makes it easier to move around.

The Kale should brown slightly - be careful not to "over crisp".


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