Tuesday, 30 October 2012

4 Years Old

We celebrated a birthday last week.

It marked the beginning of Big-Boy Birthdays.

Mr. O got to select his birthday dinner and cake flavour.

Growing up these choices were awesome. Mom would make your favourite meal, and you got to have your favourite cake. Now at my Mom's (aka Gaga) house - this still applies. Bless her heart. So naturally this tradition will be passed down to my children.

Mr. O decided he wanted:

1) Chocolate cupcakes - oops sorry - Ninja turtle cupcakes.
2) Ice cream

Naturally he waned this as the main course, but was directed to another option.

He didn't like the 'roast chicken + quinoa + broccoli option' endorsed by his father.
So Mr. O and I came up with a solution:

Homemade Panko coated Chicken tenders and ketchup, french fries and broccoli.

Yes - our children like broccoli.

Especially Missy Z..... not to fond of the cake.... definitely Daddy's girl there.

This menu satisfied all, and was personalised enough to give Mr. O 'his favourites'.

It was a low key evening and just perfect for him.

Now, it wasn't just the personal selections that made this a big-boy birthday it was him - and his appreciation for his Grandparents (guests) and the gifts he received.
I have never seen a child be more thankful for little things than this boy. It brought tears to my eyes to hear him express his gratitude. He was never once prompted or reminded - it was all him.

What a Big-boy.

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  1. That just brought a tear to my eye! What an amazing boy! Happy (belated) Bday Owen! PS: those cupcakes look yummy!