Tuesday, 16 October 2012

It begins - hockey that is....

Yep - you guessed it - Mr. O. is signed up for Hockey.

A Canadian past time rite of passage when a child is capable to stand on skates and hold a stick (hopefully at the same time).

This was a proud moment for Mr. Mom. (tear) 

Just Kidding! He was proud though!

Thank-you to a friend who recommended KMHA for Hockey Beginnings. Mr. O had a ball.

It was the cutest thing too see such a small guy all dressed up (they have to wear full equipment). And thank -you to the "ABC's of the Detroit Red Wings Hockey" book - he knew exactly where and what each piece was and went.

**He made sure to show me the 'cup' post practice..... right before dinner actually..... "Daddy says this is very important" I had myself a little chuckle... that's not in the book.

So 1 day a week you'll find us at the rink - for now.

Our dear little Z be-lined it for the ice when the door along the boards opened. 

She knew where and what she wanted....'s just a matter of time - you can bet Daddy will have her on skates this winter.

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  1. And I remember a time when we used to laugh at the moms with the hockey pins. Oh how times have changed. Now I can't wait to get my hands on a little hockey card of Owen. SO CUTE!
    (Auntie Meagan)