Friday, 14 September 2012

At home with a 'hot beaver'

Friday of the first week of school - and my big guy's at home with a a hot beaver... or better known as a high fever.

He's a pretty smart kid - and has discovered that if he's "not feeling well" he doesn't have to go to school. Which, by the way, he announced at breakfast this morning "Maybe next week I'll stay home because I won't be feeling good".

Oh really?! (insert internal chuckle)

Not a chance - said his father.

Honestly he's not even 4 yet - and he's figured out how to stay home from school.

Sigh -

He really does have a fever. It's downgraded to 101 from 103, and to be honest, I think the 'relaxed' day is good for him. All day every day kindergarten has been great - except that the 'staggered entry' they described is not really 'staggered'.

This first week was all week.
Last week was 1 1/2 days.
Not so much of a staggered entry to me...

Oh well...
Hot beavers aside - a 4 day week was enough.

Should you wake up one morning and not be feeling well - make sure to call in and say "I won't be in today - I'm in bed with a hot beaver."

...(I'll be marking that down for his wedding)

In other thoughts - here is something that I'd thought I'd share. This maybe something that is completely obvious to some - but to others - hopefully I've sparked an idea...

This is me preserving the life of a bouquet. They (meaning fresh cut flowers) are a rarity in this house, so the longer they're round the better. All I do is trim, discard wilted ones and transfer to a smaller vase. I do try to save the 'plant food' that they come with, so I can add some each time I change the water. For me the more hardier the flower the longer they last. Here is a "left over" arrangement.
Nothing like fresh flowers.....

and hot beavers.

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