Sunday, 2 September 2012

End of an Era - so to speak

Well it's Labour Day Weekend and for us here in Ontario - that means the end of summer... or the End of an Era in our house. Our baby big guy is headed into JK. I can't even fathom how fast this day arrived.  It seemed like yesterday he was just a little guy with a tuft of hair and 2 bottom teeth. Now he's transformed into this adventurous, comical, and brilliant boy. He has no concept of what to expect - and that's probably a good thing. He knows there will be games and a sand table - but as for a regimented routine.. not a clue. This will be so good for him. Here in SW Ontario, this is the first year of "everyday all day Kindergarten". Owen is definitely ready, but I'm sure going to miss him (and so will baby sister!). I'm in my last month of Maternity/parental leave and feel blessed to have shared all this time with him. 

The End of an Era has come, but the starting of this blog and September 4th truly marks the beginning of a new one.

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