Thursday, 13 September 2012

Who doesn't like balls?

September 13th and the sun is shining.

Today I finished my morning cup of coffee...while it was still warm.... it's a great day.

Nap time was successful - I continued projects that had been on 'pause' and I was able to edit items (what my husband deems 'clutter') from the kitchen. All this before noon - Can you believe it?


The house still remains quiet(ish)... one child is at school the other is (now awake) ripping apart the grocery flyers that arrived this morning. I'm not sure how this is so funny, but she finds it hystarical. Gleeful bursts of noise fill the air as I'm typing this - but hey - she's entertained - and lets face it - the less sale flyers there are.. the better.

Today I wanted to share a project that I did at the beginning of the summer (before the blog actually became a reality). 

I am obsessed with balls.

(tee hee - wink)

Ok - more specifically, I'm obsessed with garden orbs, globes a.k.a balls. I love contemporary garden 'pretties' and porch decor. I especially like when the same one can be transformed depending on the season.
That being said - usually those items can be quite pricey.

Pintrest has been a great resource for DIY's. Thus generating my desire to create a DIY garden globe.

I know fall is literally around the corner but I'm still deciding on the 'fall look'. I'll update once I've decided - but here's my current porch decor.
DIY Grapevine Globe

Yes - the globe is a DIY - it honestly cost $1.00!!

Here's what I used:

2 - wire - hanging basket holders found at a local thrift store for $0.50 each.
Zip ties (I had a bag of small ones and maybe used 40?) -found in the garage
Vines - Grapevine that was overgrown on a colleague's farm - free - thank you SO much!

Here are the steps:

Attach both baskets with zip ties

You can trim the ties once they're all secure.

De-tangele the vines. I also separated thick and thin vines this stage.

Trim off the broken or split ends.

Start by wrapping the thicker vines around the globe first - creating a 'base' 
*patience is a great skill at this point - some vines may not cooperate

Secure the ends of a piece of vine by tucking them under the basket wires (a few times if needed).

**I used some of the zip ties to secure some of the 'disobedient' vines. I had to secure them in a few places so the globe would resemble a sphere - not an oval.

Start to see the 'globe' taking shape
**I did use about 4 thick vines that tapered on the end for the base** 

 I left an opening through the vines so that if I wanted to place a strand of mini lights inside I could.


 Now use the thinner vines to give texture and density to the globe.

**if you are leaving a hole for lights - make sure not to cover it up too much**

All Done! Time to Admire!

Hmm - now what to do for fall? 
To be continued...

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