Monday, 3 September 2012

One more BIG sleep

One more BIG sleep -

Our son is headed to JK tomorrow - yes it's only a 15-20 minute "see the class room, meet the teacher" but it's a huge day. Last night my O was asking what my Kindergarten class was like. Through a foggy memory I was able to recollect painting, singing along to the teachers guitar, climbing the jungle gym at recess, and the most prominent memory - the smell of sandwiches and lunch meat. Yeah you know the smell - it always seems to accompany new a new plastic, fresh waxed floors and fresh off the press photocopy smell. Ah - the first day of school.

Thank-you to O's "Gaga" (aka Gramma) this is the book we are currently reading:

Here's a link to amazon

Pintrest inspired project #1

A few months ago I re-pinned a DIY project to do prior to the first day of school. See it here.  I have completed the project and it's ready for tomorrow. What it is - is a art canvas, painted with chalk board paint. Here's what I used:
Art Canvas, sponge applicators, chalk board paint

Here is the finished project :

I can't wait to show you this project in action in the "first day of school picture" ..... one more BIG sleep...

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