Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Maybe there is such a thing as November Blahs

A few posts back I mentioned that November flies by - and how as a kid the month of November seemed to take forever to complete..

 Well I'm feeling a bit of the November Blahs...

The month is flying by - and yet there hasn't been anything that has inspired me to discuss on the blog. 

The kids are well - having fun with one another.

 Mr. O is doing well at school and telling us about some inside jokes him and his friends have developed. I don't quite grasp the concept, but he is buckled over in laughter - so maybe the jokes on me? (I'm guessing this is just the beginning of that)

 Mr. Mom and I have been able to spend more evenings together- which is SO nice. We have somewhat figured out a good evening routine for the kids (finally)... but guaranteed - someone comes down with a cold or flu and we'll be at square one again... sigh.

 I am debating on outdoor planter decor - but really have been unmotivated. (random squash and pumpkins are still on the porch) 

Not sure what my deal is - since December is just around the corner.... Oh well.

 Mr. O and I did a craft together at the beginning of the month - we gave it to one of his friends who really enjoyed it! Other than that - not too much new here.

 Once I find my motivation, I'll definitely report back... until then..... enjoy a lovely Pintrest inspired craft....

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