Friday, 9 November 2012

Grocery Game

When Missy Z goes down for a nap or to bed - Mr. O and I play board games.

He loves them. And he catches on quick.

Some of his favourites:

Chutes and Ladders
Ninja Turtle Trouble
Elephants Never Forget (this is played at Gramma's house)
Ziggy (..also played at Gramma's)
Memory (it's amazing how good he is at this game)

Then one day I decided to introduce him to LIFE.

Well he just loved it!

Especially the Red Car and the spinning wheel.

What's hilarious is when he says "I'd like to buy Stock and I'll play the market" matter-o-factly.

He always buys Fire Insurance and Auto insurance - good boy.

Since the reception to LIFE was good - I brought out my beloved MALL MADNESS.

This was on the top of my Christmas list for years!

Finally - Sana brought it for me. Talk about excitement. **sigh**

I had some hesitations (being a boy and already having a distaste for retail therapy).....

..... but he totally enjoyed it.

He loves to arrange the clearance and sale signs when the computer prompts it.

He knows where the credit card goes when you need to buy or go to the bank.

But his favourite part is the small staircase that takes you to the upper level.

I absolutely LOVE the Baby Stage, and playing games like Peek-a-boo - but this stage he's entering is awesome too.

Playing games with him is fun.

I have to admit that my inner child giggles with excitement when my son asks to play Mall Madness....

or in his words "the Grocery Game".

Who would have thought I'd be playing this exact game (that I swooned over as a child) - with my son.


Then I get thinking .... maybe it's tolerable to him because he thinks it's grocery shopping rather than marathon retail shopping?

.... hmmm

No matter. 

Ignorance is bliss ;)

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